Thursday, February 10, 2011

Memory Foam - The Secret Origins

Where did memory foam used in mattresses come from?

Memory foam was actually invented by NASA for the early Astronauts. Their ordeal from extreme accelerations was NASA’s concern. The pillows used are made of the same type of material, but the mattresses are actually only half memory foam due to the high cost of this material. The other half of the sandwich is regular foam.The two sheets are laminated together to form one solid mattress.

The idea is that you sleep on the top memory foam layer and place the regular foam side on the bed frame. It is thick enough so that you don’t notice or feel this difference while lying down.

Friends of ours recently switched from a waterbed to memory foam.The waterbed required too much maintenance and was expensive to heat and maintain. They were willing to pay a higher price for the extra comfort when compared to springs.
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