Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sofa, Couch Or Something Else?

What do you call that upholstered item you sit in with your spouse and dog before the TV? Designers call it a sofa, however I hear couch from the uninformed and I quickly correct them. “It’s sofa, not couch!” They are so embarrassed. They always say sorry.

When I was growing up we had a red davenport or davano for short. My mom would say, “Would you kids get your feet off the davano?” She had worked for hours sewing a slip cover for the sofa out of muslin. It would fade and every once in a while she’d toss it into the washer with red-Rit dye. It would come out looking brand new, as if the sun had never touched it.
Wikipedia says Davenport is the name of a series of sofas manufactured by the now-defunct A. H. Davenport Company. Due to the popularity of the furniture at the time, the name "Davenport" has become a genericized trademark. It is often used as a synonym for "sofa", especially in the Midwestern United States and in northern New York state.
My parents came from the Midwest. Maybe they brought the word west to Portland.

Sofas need maintenance from time to time. One of those skills which homeowners learn by necessity is plumping cushions. Here are a few tips to help you keep your sofa cushions as bouncy as new.

1 - Keep pets off the sofa. Sure I know I should, but I like his head in my lap. Pets leave marks on your sofa cushions just like you do.
2 - Turn your cushions regularly. – Flip them or exchange the right side with the left side.
3 - Give your cushions an energetic beating. –Take the daily stress out on your cushions by giving them some good whacks. Maybe this is even a good time to have an old-fashioned pillow fight with your significant other.
4 - Invest in a high quality sofa. – The higher the quality of sofa the longer the stuffing in the cushions will be able to hold its shape.
5 - One more thing. Consider having your fabric treated at the time of purchase to protect it from nasty spills that can ruin your investment.

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