Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Just Right" Sofa

Did you hear about the man who awoke and found a stranger sleeping on his sofa?
Deputies woke up the man, later identified as Kevin Mace, 41, only to discover that he was intoxicated. Mace lives several trailers away and deputies believe he stumbled into the wrong residence and found a sofa that was "just right" for slumber.
This reminds me of the story of the Dad who comes home from work and wanders into the wrong house because all the houses look the same.  Kevin Mace maybe couldn't tell that he was on the wrong sofa because too many sofas look alike.

If you want a new sofa and want to be able to choose between a contemporary, traditional or transitional sofa in fabric or leather in all sizes, you should be coming to Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery.  We have Duralee, Sherrill, Precedent, Rowe, and now Lexington and we are sure we can help you find something that will fit your budget.

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