Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clustered Mailboxes Coming

Mike usually writes about incidents that happen while driving his Yellow Bus on his website, however since we connect with architects, he thought this post might fit here.

One day while he was driving, he dropped off his kids on Cornelius highway and for some reason he needed to turn around.  He was stopped at a side road, so he concluded that he could pull forward to position the bus’s rear end at the entrance to the street and then back up and complete his three-point turn. He didn’t see the mailboxes in his mirror. Then, he backed up and hit them knocking them off its pedestal.  He got out to look and saw there was no damage to the bus or the mailboxes now lying on its back. He felt like a novice driver as his kids looked on.

He was reminded of the incident when our friends at asked him to say a few words about their product. In business since 2004, ApprovedClusterMailboxes provides a lowest price guarantee and a 30-day money back quality guarantee.  Mike’s guess is that we will see more and more clustered mailboxes in our neighborhoods as the U.S. Post Office tries to cut expenses without cutting Monday through Saturday mail service.  One way to do that is to set up secure, clustered mailboxes replacing individual, front door mail delivery. Each cluster could serve eight to 16 families.
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