Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What to look for in a new house

Today we are pleased to bring you this guest post:

You may be looking for a new house because of a change of lifestyle, or an increase in disposable income, or family changes. You may be looking for a new place to store new, recently purchased furniture. Looking for a new home is a big task, but having a couple of main pointers can help to break this down into manageable chunks to help you with your search.

Most people start with the location because there are many other things that can be changed about a property, but not where it’s actually situated. The right location for you can include a number of factors, and for most people is rarely just about the latest ‘right’ postcode. Travelling distances to work and schools can play a big part, of course. But so can other area features, like proximity to parks. If you have children who need space to run around and play, or dogs which need to be walked and exercised, then this may be more important to you.

We all have lives outside of work and school, so taking into account how you usually spend your leisure time is a key factor to consider. How close you are to pubs, restaurants, cinemas and other leisure related venues can make a real difference to your enjoyment of living where you’ve chosen, so have a wider look at the areas you are considering to see what amenities are available.

When buying a home you generally intend to stay in the same place for a few years, so your personal lifestyle is more relevant than perhaps it would be if just renting a property. If you’re regularly out late, for example, having a station with a taxi company close by could actually be an important point for you.

Another aspect which can affect your choice of location is whether you want a garden. This narrows things down as some areas tend to have more, say, larger older properties converted into flats than others, which can affect the availability of the property type you’ve chosen.

The findaproperty.com website is a great tool if you're trying to find a new place to live.
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