Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing Pande Cameron

Please welcome our new advertising client Pande Cameron - Putting the World at your Feet Since 1924.  There are two stores, one in Seattle and the other in Bellevue. They are the second oldest carpet retailer west of Chicago.

After 88 years, father and son Charles and Brad Andonian still insist that their rugs be of the highest quality. They still gladly allow their customers to try a rug in their own home before they decide to buy. And they still believe that, like a fine carpet, treating their customers with honesty and respect will never wear out.

Their best selling carpet is Meshed in rust: sizes range from 2 X 3 to 12 X 18. It’s just a phenomenal rug for the NW as its warm, works in a variety of settings/styles and has about 16 color shades.

What makes a high-quality rug? For Pande Cameron, the rugs are all wool pile on a cotton foundation.  They are handknotted. Weaving of this level has become a specialized and an esoteric art; 4-6 people will work 6-8 months to complete an 8x10 carpet--imagine a 12x18! 

They specialize in sourcing the highest quality weaving houses that utilize skilled artisans who are essentially creating art for the floor!

Pande Cameron offers fine carpets in a variety of styles: Antique Rugs, Classic Rugs, Contemporary Rugs, Craftsman Rugs, Custom Design, Oversize rugs, Transitional Rugs and Vintage Rugs.  In addition they offer some extra services.

When you need a fine carpet for a short term, whether for a temporary residence, staging a home for sale, or a movie production, rug rentals are the solution. Pande Cameron provides an element of beauty and luxury to any setting. They offer several collections with a range of colors and patterns for your consideration.

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the services that Pande Cameron does best! And no matter how careful you are, your rug will become soiled. They recommend cleaning your carpet every 3-5 years in a highly trafficked room and every 5-7 years in less used spaces.

Watch for a special cleaning offer soon.
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