Monday, May 14, 2012

Internet Flowers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my sister Cheryl and mom came over for breakfast on the deck. Mom received a lilac plant from Bev and me, and sis gave Mom a hanging basket of Geraniums.  Bev received a pot of minature roses and I bought Bev a bouquet of Alstromeria. Flowers can be the perfect gift for all occasions or even for no occasion. 

In the UK internet flowers can be ordered. In addition you can order plants, wines, chocolates and hampers for your special people also online.  Don’t you love to walk into your reserved room in the resort and find a hamper filled with wine, cheese and crackers.  The thoughtful gift from management or the Powers That Be (PTB) just starts your stay off right.

There are so many times that I go online for internet flowers for the friend in the hospital, for anniversaries, for birthdays, for a BIG thank you, for grand openings, for funerals.  So many times we just want to tell someone we are thinking of them and our flowers say we care. 

Online resources abound that help you care for your cut flowers and plants. One source is eHow Home. You can learn how to care for cut flowers or how to transplant those plants to your garden or how to arrange roses in a vase.
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