Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Sprinking Of Clues

Part 9

I thought I told you to stay away from our crime scenes! Those were the words from the Domingo’s nightmare, Captain Bigy from the PDX homicide division. His name was spelled B-I-G-Y, pronounced like the famous rock group. He was a mountain of a man, six foot six and 300 pounds. He was sensitive to the way his name was pronounced and the Domingos always called him Biggie, to emphasize his size.

Bigy looked like a Marine with his hair cut in the high and tight style. He didn’t like the Domingo’s. He’d had to work with them on another case they’d blundered into (and solved) and frankly, he considered their success just beginner’s luck.

“Sergeant Rifler, any idea where this clown came from?” said Bigy, looking at the Domingos.

Sir, we have canvassed the neighborhood and we got a hit. Seems there was a clown entertaining at a birthday party over on Thompson. I’m getting pictures emailed to me as we speak. The Cooley’s said they hired the clown to entertain after the Naitos praised his work. They say he seemed off his game, anxious. He screwed up his balloon animals by popping them and his makeup was not quite right.”

Rachel spoke up! “Biggie, maybe he had cased out the Naitos and returned here this afternoon to rob them. I think you might look at other persons of interest besides the husband. They'd already left for the beach.”

"Captain, look at this!" said Rifler. "Inside the card case, under his cards is another business card. On the back are dates and a name." On the front side is the name address and phone number for Irrigation Supply Depot featuring irrigation supplies, sprinkler heads, and lawn sprinkler systems

The back side says:

Birthday Mindy Hofler 8 years old 2636 NE 32nd 2:00 pm May 12

"Captain Biggie, this clown business is just a cover for a B&E operation and either someone got wise or his competition shut him up."

"That's a big jump in logic from a lowly writer, Domingo! And stop calling me Biggie, It's BeeGee!"

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