Wednesday, May 04, 2005

10 steps to creating a successful business blog.

Estate Legacy Vaults has taken a look at the way Landfair has integrated its website, on line store and blogs, and has posted 10 steps to creating a successful business blog. We like #4 best:
4. You interview each of your top designers, making them your friends and bringing them publicity and referrals which makes them even happier.
We have learned a lot from our interviews, such as how creative you all are and how a successful career helping others with design problems is not your only creative outlet. We could have a show at our store featuring the art of Top 20 Designers. It might make a great charitable event for your favorite cause. Let us know if you have suggestions.

Bev & Mike

BTW Estate Legacy Vaults has another post, Blogs are the demand side supplying itself. Here's a great thought about your need to have a blog:

Blogging is about rolling snowballs downhill, not pushing rocks uphill
Bev & Mike
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