Friday, May 13, 2005

Get a Blog!

So you set up a blog to support your business. How do you know if your blog is having an impact on sales. Lip-Sticking has an interview with Elisa Camahort from Worker Bees
See, they wanted to be able to quantify their return on that blog, but they didn't want to offer any promotion to blog readers. So, no matter how many times I pointed out that the impact the blog was having on sales would remain opaque if they provided no trackable offer, they continued to want quantifiable sales results, without implementing anything that would allow it to be so.

Truth be told: I think blogs are excellent marketing tools, but not necessarily great sales tools. How is that different you ask? Well, blogs are conversations. And if I may be so crunchy-granola, blogs are about organically developing a relationship with your potential and existing clients. They're great for creating awareness, for giving people something to talk about, for building a positive image in the minds of your audience. It's about inching your way into someone's brain space, until you occupy a little slot there. GM blogging doesn't make me run out tomorrow and buy a car, but when I shop for a car, GM and Saturn are going to occupy a little space in my brain where they weren't before, because I appreciate their blog.

IMHO, if blogs are about conversations, women are better at it than men, if Mike is any guide. He talks with his male friends and gets surface information. You know how it goes.

"How's Bill?" I ask.
"What has he been doing?
"Nothing much."

With that said, get yourself a blog and take a half hour each day to write about yourself, your business, your day, your kids, your husband and your life. Include some pictures of your pets, your designs or favorite places. In truth, we like doing business with people we know and like, and have invested some time in getting to know, even if it is through a blog.

Finally, mention this blog when you visit our store and there will be a token of our appreciation in it for you.


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