Saturday, January 21, 2006

Do you send enough "Thank You" notes?

I was impressed recently, by my brother's fiance. She held Christmas dinner at her house for the whole family of about 30 people. She asked me to bring a salad. Three days after the dinner, I received a thank you note in the mail for bringing salad. Now here's a woman with three girls, she's an emergency room nurse, she's planning her wedding on January 1st, hosting a large dinner, and she finds the time to send a note. The wedding took place, there was a honeymoon and yesterday a thank you note came in the mail, thanking us for the wedding present.

Mike has a friend in Bend, Billy Two Hawks, who is also very good at sending notes thanking us for something or other. Recently, we received a note thanking us for attending his 60th birthday party.

I raise the issue of "Thank You" notes because I came across Jim Logan's Blog and he writes about 8 Tips To Writing Personal Notes Of Appreciation. He writes:

Personal notes of thanks are probably the most powerful thing you can do as a person in a relationship. The goodwill represented by taking the time and personal care to write a note is incredible.
Check out his web site for the eight tips here.

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