Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Link Requests

We get "link requests" from time to time and we actively solicit links to our blog. On our right side or sidebar you can see the web sites we link to. Links drive traffic to your web site or blog. There may be 25,000,000 blogs, but only a few hundred are getting large amounts of visitors.
For instance:

#1 Daily Kos: State of the Nation averages 445,240 visits/day;
#50 BTF's Baseball Primer Newsblog averages 14,103 visits/day;
#100 Althouse averages 6,477 visits/day;
#250 Curmudgeonly & Skeptical 2,566 visits/day.

It drops off pretty substantially leading to what "geeks" and marketing people call "the long tail". The theory being, small blogs have loyal readers and those loyal readers may go to a blog or web site that is linked to the loyal reader site. Thus if you want lots of traffic, link to a lot of sites.

We recently received an invitation to link with Ceiling Fans Info Source. The email said:

I have visited your website and have found your
index page tasteful and I think the content could be
of interest to our web site visitors. I would be delighted
and grateful to become your reciprocal link partner.
Not only will I link to Ceiling Fans Info Source, but I found a number of articles that were informative and useful.

One such article is entitled Ceilng Fan Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans can be a great way to increase the energy savings in your home while providing a comfortable living environment. Offering more features and functionality than a standard light, many ceiling fans can easily be installed in the same location as and replace your light fixture. Ceiling fan energy efficiency can vary greatly between ceiling fans and the accessories added to them, such as light kits.
With ever higher energy prices, it makes sense to investigate ceiling fans for your home.

Whether you are selling products on the web or providing a service, we all want people to know about us. A web site or blog that has links to supportive businesses or helpful information will get the word out about you.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

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