Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Online Spending in 2005 Up 22%!

Here's some very heartening news for our on-line furniture and accessories store, Landfair Furniture Annex, from comScore Networks.
comScore Networks just released holiday season and annual online spending figures for full year 2005, concluding that total Internet spending for the full year, including travel, reached $143.2 billion, up 22 percent over the $117.2 billion spent online in 2004.
Non-Travel (Retail) spending for the Holiday season was up year over year by 25%! For the full year of 2005, Non-Travel (Retail) spending increased to $82.3 Billion, up 24%.

Within the Non-Travel (Retail) Home & Garden spending was up 32% in 2005; and spending on Furniture increased 24% in 2005 (and "they" say that furniture is not sold over the net).

Further, according to data from Goldman, Sachs, Nielsen//NetRatings, and Harris Interactive eSpending Report, the distribution of spending in stores over the last four years has declined from 78% to 68% and online has grown from 16% to 27%.

What do we conclude from all those numbers? The internet is increasingly a place where people shop for their homes and Landfair Furniture will continue to emphasize the internet for awareness of our offerings. We will continue to use our blog to deliver information that based on your feedback, is useful, entertaining and valuable.

We will continue encouraging you the interior designer to get a web presence; web site and/or blog. Based on visitors to Landfair Furniture+Desugn Gallery. your future clients need your input. Some don't want to rely on their judgement when it comes to spending money. Some are not familiar with many of the terms you use. They want to see examples of your work and read about your design philosophy. The market is relying more and more on the web and you need to be there.

Bev & Mike

UPDATE: In a recently released Memo/Report on the use of the Internet by both men and women, the study found

women are catching up in overall use and are framing their online experience with a greater emphasis on deepening connections with people.
Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery
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