Sunday, January 29, 2006

Flat Screen for Super Bowl XL

From the SacBee (registration required),

The new dilemma in home decor: Finding the right spot for flat screens

The 55-inch plasma screen at Joe and Patty Caldero's house in Elk Grove found a home over the fireplace. Increasingly, new houses are being built to accommodate both flat-screen TVs and the hidden wiring they require. Sacramento Bee/ Lezlie Sterling

Before opting for over the fireplace, try sitting and looking over the fireoplace for an extended period of time. You may find you get a crick in your neck, because the set is too high.

Credenzas, long and low cabinets sometimes also called buffets or sideboards, marry well with flat-panel TVs.


Install a flat-panel TV on a wall and you gain usable square footage. Big-screen behemoths of the past protruded as much as 30 inches into rooms. They dominated and were considered an unsightly focal point by interior designers.


After a flat-panel (or two) is purchased, its placement and installation likely will require professional help. Wires need to be hidden, sometimes in walls, and component installation of a home theater system often requires a pro. You don't just plug everything in and adjust the rabbit ears. There never have been more options for installing a TV.

CNET has some great information about getting HDTV and their recommendation for Flat-Screen TV's

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