Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mirador Chosen for Design Gallery

From Home Accents Today, Design Gallery focal point for trendy looks in Vegas
The Design Gallery, a juried exhibit area featuring stylish products and displays of up-and-coming trends, was created as the centerpiece of the temporary venue at this week's Las Vegas Market.

The Design Gallery will be located in a dedicated section of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and will feature a broad cross-section of new designs.

Companies and products were hand-selected for inclusion in the showcase by an internal show management committee.

"At the Design Gallery, attendees can expect to see more of the high-style products that represent home decor and furniture," said Babs Blair, director of leasing at World Market Center. "We want this area to be a destination that showcases trend-setting products and serve as an incubator for unique new companies. Even companies selected more than once will be moved to different locations within the Design Gallery to keep it fresh and exciting.

"We use our collective knowledge of what is being promoted at different shows - including European fairs," said Blair. "In addition, we look at the quality of the exhibitors displays and review their catalogs as part of the basis for our criteria."

Lois Richards, trade shows and temporary leasing manager at World Market Center, stressed the Design Gallery is not simply a collection of trendy furniture or home decor products.

"It is more visual merchandising," she said. "The companies merchandise in unique ways, using the layouts of their booths to make it aesthetically beautiful so the booth is part of what they're showing. The whole ambience of their location, their booth, their stage and how it's designed is what's trendy - not specifically a piece of furniture or a designer color. It's more of a total look."

Richards said market attendees won't want to miss this innovative gallery. "It is going to be fresh, new and vital," she said. "It's an ever-changing area that is a must-see."

The selected exhibitors at this market's Design Gallery include: Antiques 2000, Bojay, Bull & Stein, Charles Carol Design, CTC/Chicago, Dare Deco, IDS Interior Design Source, Ital Art Designs, Leftbank Art Company, Mel V, Mila Brown International, Mirador Furnishings, Pulvermacher Designs, Rags, Roberta Schilling, Shawna Stoney, Sweet Smiling Home, Texture Home Decor, Thumprints, Van Teal, Wallternatives and Zambezi Trader.

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery carries the Mirador Furnishings line and is pleased that a jury has selected Mirador to appear in the Design Gallery.

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