Monday, March 19, 2007

ABCs of interior design for children

Kip Farmer writes an informative article at Courier Press entitled ABCs of interior design for children. She He writes
The challenge of creating a child's personal space is among the most freeing of all design experiences.

Approach your child's space as a designer with a very special client. Observe your child playing, ask her questions, and remember when you were a child yourself. A little childlike thinking will lead to a unique space. By all means, think outside the toy box when decorating this important area.
She He offers a number "ABCs" for decorating a child's room and here are a few of my favorites.

• Framing your child's artwork adds color and motion into the space, while building a little self-esteem and pride in his room.

• Quit buying sets of furniture for your child's room. Mix styles to develop a more individual space.

• Walls are (sooner or later) made to be scribbled on, so paint a few with chalkboard paint to make an appropriate area for this creative impulse.

Read Mr. Farmer's article for all 26 tips.

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