Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's interior designers, not decorators

From The Triangle Online of Drexel University
In this era of Home and Garden Television, in addition to the current trend in home improvement, people have adopted what they think to be interior design based on the common misconceptions shown on TV. In actuality, these shows, though entertaining, are demeaning to the design profession and undermine the amount of knowledge and know-how that is actually involved in interior design. It is a profession that requires knowledge, skill and experience in all aspects of an interior space, including technical components, aesthetics, safety, function and ergonomics. Unfortunately, these shows communicate interior design as merely selecting fabrics and furniture - what is called decorating.

In fact, your fellow interior design students are striving to become much more than decorators, but professional interior designers. A professional designer has received adequate education, four years or more, which allows them to possess the expertise and aptitude to develop and carry through with acceptable solutions to problems in interiors. They must conform to federal, state and local laws, including building codes, and meet accessibility standards for the disabled and elderly.
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