Friday, March 09, 2007

The Perils of Moving

Here's a laugh. Qwest handles our phone, fax, visa and computer lines at our Macadam location of Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery. We are moving to the Pearl so I called Qwest to switch service to the new location, figuring March 1st would be the day we switch over, but since I didn't know when exactly we would be in, I wanted service to be at both locations.

As the first got nearer, I moved the date off to March 8th. I met the Qwest Tech at the new location yesterday and lo and behold, the hookup comes into the building at the wrong location. I would have to speak to an engineer to determine if the big, ugly heavy line was run on the inside of the building or, my preference, the outside of the building. Away the Qwest Tech went saying the engineer would call.

Not to make things worse, but we have only temporary power because when PGE came out to hook up the power two or three weeks ago, they found the pole was rotten and a new one would have to be installed in 30 to 60 days. This morning, I arrived at the Macadam address, picked up the phone to make a call and the phone indicates it is out of service. I called my number from my cell phone and hear that I am disconnected. That is not the outcome I expected from Qwest!

To be fair, I called their 800 Number "to discuss your current service and find out what else we can do to help your business grow." After much forwarding, I talked to a Todd who said the service would be restored within the half hour. (You know how we all hate those telephone receptions that give you numbered choice after numbered choice. Even Qwest techies trying to reach another department have to listen to that stuff.) Then I spoke to the engineer about getting a terminal to the building, whatever that means.

So Mike is waiting by our phone at home to hear that Macadam is back up and operating.

Bev & Mike
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