Friday, May 11, 2007

Artistic Metal

From, Metal shows off its artistic mettle/Designs of all types are popular as wall decor
You might see decorative metal wall art pieces and grills outdoors, but they're now making decor statements inside the home.

These often-ornate pieces can be made of iron, other metals or even faux iron with the look of the real thing.

Pictured are some examples from Global Views:

Square Wall Panel - Circular Design - 42"W x 48.25"H

Louis Iron Wall Panel 24"W x 36"H

Maresca Iron Wall Shelf 7"L x 37"H

CBK also offers metal art:

Queen Headboard Bed with Oval Design, Iron Cast Top, Medallion Accents and Antique Rust Finish, 60"L x 2"W x 60"H

Wine Label Design 9-Bottle Wine Table with Distressed Red, Gold, and Antique Black Finish, 31"L x 11"W x 30.25"H

In many ways, iron wall grills work like any other piece of art you might put on a wall. But because they don't have an array of colors like you might find in paints or tapestries, they are less busy and blend in easily...
Both Global Views and CBK are carried at Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery, now located in The Pearl.

Bev & Mike
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