Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bridget Otto Thursday

It's Bridget Otto Thursday and she's served up a double helping of interior design news.

In Free Style, Otto writes that some furniture retailers have on staff designers to help make your experience as "fun as buying shoes." Shelly Greenwood says, "We work best to educate the buyers so mistakes aren't made." She helps buyers with scale and balance. In store designers advice is free, but they do expect you "to make Informed purchases at their store.

In Refresher course, Otto writes about Sue Augustyn of SAID Interior Design working with clients Dez Young and Karenanne Smith, to rework older furniture and make a living room more inviting. You can see the results of her work in Homes & Gardens of the Northwest in Thursday's Oregonian.

The point I take away from these two articles, is good design can be free from instore designers or can be hired, but in both cases designers help you avoid mistakes, confirm your design choices and can help you with the budgeting.

At Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery, over 80% of our business is done with designers. If you want design help, we can refer you to designers we think will be in tune with your needs and budget. You will also find on our floor, furniture ranging from contemporary to transitional to traditional, all chosen by me, Beverly Landfair.

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