Thursday, May 24, 2007

Woman Power: Are You Surprised?

C.B Whittemore posting at Flooring The Consumer writes that "Women hold the power of the sale". A big change is coming to retail in the world of retail:
Consider this: The majority of retail operates in a world designed, owned and managed by men for women consumers.
Whittemore says these retail establishments are "not connecting with their woman customer."
Connecting successfully means truly understanding who that person is, how she interacts with your store and what value she obtains from you. Although she may have tolerated the way things have been, she increasingly prefers environments that recognize her, welcome her and acknowledge her as having the means to make significant purchases.
Consider, also,
  • Women represent 51 percent of the overall population
  • Women are better educated than men
  • Sixty percent of women work.
  • In 55 percent of US households, women make half (or more) of their family’s income. Thirty percent of women out-earn their husbands
  • Women are the major purchase decision makers for home furnishings
  • Women carry 76 million credit cards
  • Women are more profitable than men.
  • Women are more brand oriented than men
  • AND...women are more likely to give referrals!

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