Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go on. And create.' With kymo!

Step back when you click to enlarge the photo.

While we are on the subject of carpet and accent rugs, take a look at kymo.
kymo is a German label for contemporary floorwear. In keeping with the brand's philosophy 'Go on. And create.' the kymo collection is characterized by a stylish, young, fresh and cutting-edge approach.

Founded in 2005, kymo is now present in ambitious high-end design and home furnishing stores in over 50 countries worldwide. Numerous well-known brands and companies such as HUGO BOSS, Mercedes-Benz, MTV, or Montblanc have all used kymo rugs for their own shop projects or product presentations
kymo's newest creation is 'SG AIRY PREMIUM'. They call it the perfect Lounge-feeling for every room! They are creating that relaxed atmosphere of a lounge, or laid-back cosiness.

Whether it's kymo or Masland, a quality, creative rug in the living room or in the den or the bedroom is a great way to update the look and feel of the room. And isn't that what we want to do in these times? Create a safe place to relax and unwind, free of the upsets outside our walls, if only for an evening before hitting it again in the morning.

I'll bet you'd like to experience a sample of kymo up close, wouldn't you?

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