Thursday, July 23, 2009

Up To $2,540 Credit On Tankless Water Heaters

From Oregon Home, not only was there information about Craft & Design opening in the Pearl Design Center, but there's a piece about George Morlan Plumbing. Their design center is about eight blocks away from us at 2222 NW Raleigh St. George Morlan Plumbing has been in business since 1935. I told my dad one day, who will be 89 in December, that nobody should have to go through two depressions in a lifetime. Some are calling the current economic situation another depression.

While looking at George Morlan Plumbing's website for their location, I noticed they are big on tankless water heaters (TWH) and have a coupon to save up to $2,540 on purchase and installation. I've written about the benefits of tankless water heaters before, but with credits of $2,540, I wondered at the cost. Ralph at the company was very helpful. He said TWH would run about $1,200 vs $800 for the typical gas water heater. We recently installed a new one and it is 53 inches tall and 20inches in diameter. The Rheem THW is about 2 feet high and 1foot wide.

Here's the way a THW saves money. It only heats water on demand, where as a typical water heater maintains the water temperature at a high level and that requires energy. Ralph says the THW is 30% more efficient that the old style water heater. By the time you get finished with all the credits, the initial costs are comparable.

Call Ralph like I did for answers to your questionas at 503-224-7000.

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