Thursday, July 09, 2009

Have You Missed Any Of These Articles By Mike Landfair?

Home Accents Today hosts the blog The Landfair Retail Focus written by Mike Landfair. Mike looks at a tremendous number of design blogs for information about latest trends, colors, fashions and furniture that he shares with his readers and he links to your blogs and stores. Here are a few of his latest posts with links to the articles.

His articles are flavored with his experiences of supporting his wife Beverly who owns and operates Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery in Portland, Oregon. In addition Mike posts at The Landfair Furniture (Blog) where he comments on a variety of issues of interest to interior designers and their clients. We welcome any link exchanges and encourage you to add us to you blogroll, if you like our content.

Do The Design Mags Feature Good Design? - We've had a great discussion about design or shelter magazines showing bad design.

"Sutton's Law" - Go Where The Money Is! - The article says that the affluent are on the internet more than ever:

Top 10 Activities Of Moms Online - Research reveals moms of all ages use the internet a lot. What they are seeking?

Dimethly Fumarate (DMF) May Be A Problem -Even small levels of exposure can cause serious skin sores, blisters, rashes and eye irritation.

The Resort Effect And Outdoor Lighting - The hottest trend in the home is outdoor living.

Rammed Earth Is Stunning! - Rammed earth is used to build homes and the interior walls are magical.

Who Is Eileen Kathryn Boyd? -…pictures of her design at the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse.

What Is Pyrolave? - Pyrolave, also, makes indoor/outdoor furniture and here are some examples of their work.

Women Who Blog - …eMarketer has a column about not just moms but women and their internet habits..

Contemporary Lighting for the Modern Style Apartment – When nighttime approaches, the lighting of your home should not only highlight the beauty of your modern furniture, but it should also encompass the overall modern theme of your room's d├ęcor.

Video Tour Of Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery - Beverly gives a tour of Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery in Portland's Pearl

Sofa's Durability Depends On Fabric - How exactly is a fabric's durability measured?

Thank you for taking a moment to look and if you like what you read come back often.

Bev & Mike
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