Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What Is Pyrolave?

We had an interior designer come in yesterday looking for contemporary outdoor furniture. We carry many styles, but not quite what the designer was looking for. Today I was reading Decorati Access Interior Design Magazine and I came across guest blogger Susan Serra and her post about Pyrolave countertops with the following picture:

"What is Pyrolave?" I asked.
A little research and I found it was a process developed by a French company of the same name. Extracted from the Nugere crater at the heart of Auvergne's volcanoes, Volvic lava, this consistent and dense stone has exceptional qualities created by time. The extremely resistant blocks are extracted by hand from open-air quarry. They are then cut into slabs, processed and glazed. The expertise of the Pyrolave engineers allow them to select enamels not just for their beauty but for their resistance and resilience after being fired at more than 1000°C. Delicate crazing appears on the surface during cooling. Being more or less prominent – subject to the colour, these fine lines are the inimitable signature of the glazed lava stone.
This leads me to my next discovery. Pyrolave makes indoor/outdoor furniture and here are some examples of their work:

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