Monday, August 17, 2009

30 Years Of Saving Corks

Mike and I golfed with friends Sandi and Gerry, yesterday. They've sold their house in Forest Heights and are picking up sticks for a move to Scotsdale, Arizona. Guess the winters are finally driving them out of Portland.

While we were eating our burgers at Rock Creek Tavern after golfing at Claremont, Gerry said in getting rid of "stuff", he was not going to get rid of his 30-year collection of wine-bottle corks. We gave him some ideas about their possible use in his new home, but they did not include this idea:

Made from recycled wine corks by Gabriel Wiese, the chair burn a contemporary design.Gabriel Wiese has intelligently used the cork caps of the wine bottles, keeping the shapes intact.I don`t know if you can patient to collect all the corks in order to be able to make new pieces of furniture. via Gabriel Wiese

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