Thursday, August 06, 2009

Have You Been To Block 90?

Block 90 consists of 11 units, basically all pent houses, with the most outdoor living space of any of the condos featured in this years Street of Dreams. Jim Gillespie and architect Don Vallaster of Vallaster and Corl Architects developed Block 90. The two found a way to preserve and enhance an historic Portland building that truly gives you that feeling that you are living in The Pearl.

Debbie Melville of DM Designs and Dawn O’Shaughnessy of Westside Designs fashioned the design of both units, The Manhattan and East Village, on a budget dwarfed by the budgets of the other buildings’ designers.

Debbie and Dawn worked with Paul Schatz Furniture in The Manhattan and Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery, Asia America and Cargo for East Village. Nothing was special ordered for the units. All accessories, upholstered furniture and case goods came right off the showroom floors. They are available for purchase along with many other beautiful pieces.

Last week, Debbie and Dawn presented their design to four independent designers, two from Seattle and two from Bend. The judges were stunned at what they had accomplished on their budget. Maybe, they suggested, the competition should be one based on equal amounts of money. The units have received quite a warm response from the public. It’s possible, they sense that the two units’ warmth and hominess is a realistic goal for their homes.

Both Debbie Melville and Dawn O’Shaughnessy are available in the units to answer your questions about your specific projects.

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