Friday, August 07, 2009

Art On the Edge, Darryl Ware

Last evening the Pearl Design Center on the edge of the Pearl, initiated Art on the Edge, presented by Studio Art Direct, our First Thursday monthly event. Nine Oregon landscape artists displayed their art in parts of the design center that are still unoccupied. The artists displaying were Sidonie Caron, Donna Young, Eric Bowman, Mandy Main, Brett Holstetter, Tracy Leagjeld, Jeni Lee, Scott Gellatly and Kathleen McIntire. In addition, in the Landfair Furniture showroom, Darryl Ware displayed his colorful collages of Venice and Mazatlan.

I talked with Darryl about his art that's based on his travel photographs and his graphic art background. The video capturessome of what he does, but not its vividness and detail.

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