Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Bridget Otto Thursday

You've been in homes where you enter into an entry with two-story ceilings. I've always thought they were a waste of space and probably responsible for high heating bills. Today, Bridget A. Otto writes about a family in Beaverton couple who need a bit bigger house and yet nothing they look at is quite as good as their present home.

Deepa Rao and her husband Prantik Nag considered adding on, but didn't like the alternatives; how it would change the appearance or change their traffic patterns or fit their budget. Then they asked, "What if the second-story space in the entry became a loft of sorts?"

Enter Joel Fraley of Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling. He had fielded many calls from people seeking the same kind of answer, so was familiar with the solution. He solved the problem by inserting a loft without blocking the natural light that they loved so much.

Another problem solved by a professional who could picture a final product before it was tackled. You can email Fraley at

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