Friday, June 18, 2010

DuraLee Presents The Big Kahuna Of Fabric Design

I mentioned that I was reading Casual Living the other day. There's another article that I want to direct your attention to, "Fabric Colors signal rebound" by Jamie Sorcher. In the article Sorcher says that consumers are looking for mood-lifting bright colors and that is a key sign of life for fabric makers and casual furniture retailers.

One thing that caught my eye was the mention of Alfred Shaheen and the introduction of fabrics by DuraLee's subsidiary Suburban Home. Alfred Shaheen is the big Kahuna designer of the postwar Hawaiian clothing movement.
Shaheen’s graphic prints, with colors pulled from the petals of the hibiscus flower and the waves of Waikiki, elevated the status of these often-quirky garments from kitsch to high fashion.

Capturing the spirit of the Aloha culture, tropical leaves, bamboo stripes and whimsical fish have danced across Shaheen’s apparel with universal appeal. The Surf And Sand Indoor/Outdoor Print Collection captures these fanciful patterns that evoke memories of luaus, sultry breezes, and the sweet scent of plumeria leis and adds a fresh twist with new scales and colorways to fit today’s modern applications.

Suitable for the sofa in any Tiki Hut or hanging outdoors on the Lanai, Surf And Sand Indoor/Outdoor Prints are designed to add notes of paradise to any setting while maintaining the durability required to face the elements.
The weather had been so cold and wet here that just looking at these fabrics invokes memories of sun, smells of hibiscus, cooling breezes off the water and the compulsion to body surf. Here are a few of the Shaheen designs:

See all the Duralee fabrics in the Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery showroom in Portland, Oregon, where we have memo samples of the fabrics.

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