Saturday, June 19, 2010

Searching For Furniture Stores Online

When I come across a furniture store online, I check to see if the company uses Twitter or FaceBook. I automatically follow such companies. I want to see what they are Tweeting about. I also want to see what they are doing on FaceBook and the number of fans that follow. Next I look on their website to see if they have a blog. Do they post often? Is it well laid out and written well? So they accept ads? Do they have a blogroll?

If you are an interior designer. you should be doing the same things. There are a lot of designer blogs and many are just wonderful, full of creative ideas and filled with great pictures of their work or work they admire. It's a good idea to ask for a link exchange by emailing them. If you can't find an email address, try tweeting them or becoming a fan on FaceBook. You are networking and you never know what's going to rebound in your favor.

Just today, I found Rich Furniture in San Jose, CA. Rich Duke sells solid oak furniture at Best Oak Antique and Duke has a blog, Best Oak Antique Blog. What does Duke write about? Typical things for a furniture store:
  • Why You Should Choose Solid Oak Furniture For Your Home
  • What does "H.L. Registered Design" mean on the inside of my antique cabinet?
  • Antique English Victorian bamboo 2 drawer bedside commode
But, what's this: How to Buy & Sell Books Online : How to Determine a Price for an Old Book. I didn't know about You can take all those books just gathering dust on your bookshelves and see if someone values owning them more than you do. I discovered that Molly Mackey at Expert Village, who does the video, has a whole series of videos on the subject of buying and selling rare books.

What would we do without the internet?

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