Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reading Al Dente

I was reading through the Al Dente blog at and came across the Perfect Burger Press by Progressive International.

Now that BarBQue season is finally here, we love a good, grilled hamburger, but I'm not looking forward to pressing burger patties. You first have to take a scoop of freshly ground hamburger in your hands and squish it into a ball. Then you need to press it flat on wax paper. Invariably, it plumps up on the grill and doesn't cook evenly. It's hard to cook it all the way through without burning or drying out the outside,

At Al Dente I discovered the answer: a burger press for less than $5 and it cooks the burger evenly. What's more you don't have greasy hands to wash!

As far as al dente, Michael does not like his green beans uncooked this way.

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