Friday, March 23, 2012

An Invitation To Ski Whistler

Part 4
The note John Domingo and Rachel found inside the strawberry cheesecake box said, “Join us for a Ski holiday in Whistler! We can fly in to Vancouver, stay the night and in just a two-hour drive north, can be in the number one mountain resort in North America."

The note was from Mike and Beverly Milligan.  Mike was an old Army Reserve buddy of John’s.  Rachel was bouncing on her toes when she pictured the skiing they could do at the site of the 2010 Olympics.  How could they pass up skiing one-mile vertical? Rachel remembered the time her parents took her to ski in Canada.  There were two mountains; Blackcomb rising over 5,280 feet and Whistler close behind at 5,020 feet. When they were ready to dine out after a day of sampling the 318 ski runs, there were over 90 restaurants that could suit every taste.

“Oh John, let’s go after spring break.  I’ll work with Rachel finding the right ski accommodation in Whistler. Do you remember the name of the place that can get us discounted whistler lift passes?"

John pictured himself in his blue bibs and red ski parka dashing fast down the mountain, knees pumping in the deep powder. He knew skiing downhill fast was like driving a Porsche at high speed with no doors.

A demand from Rachel jolted John from his reverie, "Don't forget to pack the cheesecake!"

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