Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kid Safety Comes Before Skiing

 Part 6

Before leaving for a long weekend skiing Whistler in Canada, John needed to check in with his clients.  He needed to make sure that all the security concerns were being met in the new residences and condos where he’s hired as a consultant. One of his jobs as a LEED consultant is to make sure his buildings are healthy and safe for occupants. He makes sure that there are handrails in bathrooms, that windows have screens that can’t be moved by babies, that paints are used that emit low or no VOCs.  One of his recent jobs has been to make sure the kid safety and pet gates are installed and installed properly.

There have been some big changes in safety gates and one of his clients, Kidco Gate Shop., has redesigned their baby gates without squares or diamond mesh that can be climbed by precious little ones.  Kidco was one of the first to make metal safety gates for doorways and stairways.   Now, they offer self-closing gates.  Imagine, you're a young mother carrying one child with another in tow, trying to protect your children’s safety while wrestling with the old wooden gates at the top of the stairs. 

John has his reasons for liking his job.  When he was four, he fell against the stove that warmed his house. It burned his right arm below the elbow so badly that the scar was still visible in college. Today’s homes would likely use a hearth gate to avoid childhood accidents.

“John, will you be able to relax while we’re skiing?”
“Yes, Rachel. My clients are all happy.  Let’s hit the slopes!”
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