Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writing and Reading and Watching TV

The article written by Geraldo Russo

Writing is a fulfilling hobby for me. I began keeping a journal when I was fourteen, not so much one of feelings but more of a social calendar detailing what I was experiencing as a teen. My emotions showed up in my writings as a young adult, a teen mother and wife with a lot of stress, fear, and frustrations. I began reading too. Reading and writing are two outlets that help you grow as a person and boost your intelligence and general knowledge about the world. Having little money for social outings, my husband and I also watched a lot of television, which began my addiction to television series and soap operas. Now I am constantly adding channels through to satisfy my desire to absorb, not just the fantasy shows but the educational ones as well. I have grown to love the travel and cooking channels and my children love the kids programming and science and learning channels. Television has received a bad reputation over the years, but as with anything else, moderation is the key!
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