Saturday, March 10, 2012

News From Bridget Otto

Todd Jantz of JD Madison fame and more recently Madison Millinger announced he is closing the Pearl District store.

He says business for their high-end rugs and furnishings has been just slowing down too much over the last few years and he no longer has the resources or energy to keep things going.

"I'm calling Portland the new Detroit," he said.

With 15 years behind him in the business, he said he is just exhausted and worn out.
Everything in the store is 70 percent off for the remaining three weeks the doors will be open.
We are sorry to see them close. Many designers are reporting better business and when you go through this, your primary thought is, "Can I hold on until it turns?" You either run out of cash or just get tired of the battle. Portland will miss Madison Millinger
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