Saturday, March 17, 2012

Smog-Eating Roof Tiles

We are all about new products that are good for the environment and don't contribute to the waste or landfill problem. Here's a product that is new to me: Smog-Eating Roof Tiles. Here's what I like best:
Over one year, a 2,000 square foot BoralPure™ Smog Eating Tile roof can oxidize the same amount of Nitrogen Oxide as a car produces from being driven up to 10,800 miles.
Think of that! For every home in the city of Portland, for example, that switches to this kind of tile roof as your old roof wears out, you are taking the equivalent of one car's pollution off the road each year. Think of the health effects of cleaner air.

Popular Mechanics covered the new tile and says it is approximately $650 more than a standard 2500-sq.-ft. tile roof. Boral is the producer of Smog-Eating Roof Tiles. I didn't know this but tile roofs aregreen, weather resistant, hail resistant, fire resistant and energy efficient and they come with a limited lifetime warranty that is transferable. How does it work?
The photocatalyst in BoralPure Smog Eating Tile naturally oxidizes harmful airborne pollutants, helping clean the air. This revolutionary roof tile includes a micro-mortar surface with the key ingredient Titanium Dioxide, a photocatalyst, which is activated by the UV content in daylight. The active surface interacts with harmful nitrogen oxides in the air and helps convert them into calcium nitrates. When it rains, the calcium nitrates are washed off the roof.
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