Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rack Up Some Spice

Part 5

“John,” said Rachel, “before we leave for our ski vacation, we need to find a satisfactory place to hide our gold and silver coins.”  

 John and Rachel had for years been buying Gold and Silver coins monthly and been rewarded by 11 straight years of rising prices.  Gold since 2001 had increased from $250 to $1,650 and Silver, since 2008, from below nine dollars to over $30. They had also stored food and water in their pantry for emergencies.  They believed that in an earthquake or major storm like a Katrina, that they would be without government support for a few days or possibly a few weeks.  John and Rachel’s goal was to be self-reliant.

“Rachel, I have a great idea.  Let’s hide our coins in a common object that any crook would pass up.  Let’s hide our coins in our spice jars in the spice rack.” John knew that the jars were clear glass yet the spices made them opaque. The kitchen spice racks or the wall spice rack in the pantry could hold all their coins and no one would be the wiser. 

“If we pepper the glass jars with our coins, we would still be able to use the spices in our daily cooking.”
“That’s sage advice John. We leave in a week, so we better curry. I think it’s thyme we get started.”
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