Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bridget A Otto Thursday Two

The second article by Bridget Otto concerns the use and application of metallic paints. In the recent Color Pulse 2009 presentation at the Lawrence Gallery, we were told that galvanized metals and warm gold metal, copper and silver were the colors we would be seeing in 2009.

In this article Susan Lura Macdonald of Habitat Studio explains how these metallic paints are to be supplied. You can see an example of her work in this pdf, photos taken by Marv Bondarowicz.

It is real tough, I think, to paint a wall with these paints. Mike and I tried having it done in our bathroom several years ago and Mike has never been pleased with it. I don't think our painter was used to the paint and tried traditional applications. Not a good idea.

I had contact with another artist not long ago, and was struck by her work. Her name is Lucinda Henry of Shakti Space Designs Ms Henry can be reached at 503.998.2411

The old fireplace in this lovely Portland bungalow home was very ugly stone most likely installed in the 60s. The contractor built up the fireplace, covered with wallboard and skimmed it out. Then came time for our magic... a pounded copper faux finish leaving the client with a custom, unique treatment that blends in with their decor.
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