Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bridget A Otto Thursday

We always look forward to Thursday, because, you guessed it, it's Bridget A Otto Thursday. Because she writes about real interior designers faced with real problems, and the designers are local, we get a kick out of giving everyone a little extra publicity. Our blog has steadily acquired more visitors each year who read what we write and these visitors come from all over the world.
This week Bridget has out done herself with two articles in Homes & Gardens of the Northwest (HGNW)and the first article, The Power of Color has three parts.
We found a woman who finally did away with her bland white walls, another who made her dark living room pop and a man who fearlessly captured the spirit of the Mediterranean in his Northeast bungalow.
Cathy Elkins had a home with bland white walls. She tried opaint samples on her own, but it wasn't just right so,
She turned to Patrick McGill, paint consultant at Pearl Hardware. He toured Elkins' home, took note of her furnishings, art and light, and came up with a palette for nearly every room, not just the kitchen.
Read what she says about her prints after the transformation.

In Muntaquim Chowdhury's home, the Bangladesh-born Intel engineer's love of color and adventure is painted on the walls and ceilings of every room.
When I bought the house, it was drab gray. And given the gray Oregon winters, it's just not a cheerful place to be. I love colors and wanted to make this place a place where I can come in and be surrounded by the color tones of the Mediterranean."
Read what the reaction is to his home, when visitors just know him as an engineer.

Collette Gray "liked the wood tones in her house but didn't know how to complement those hues with paint." If she used color the rooms were too dark. Collette found Patrick McGill at the Pearl Hardware. Read what he did with an oatlike shade called 'Fennel Seed.'

Like perfectly chosen makeup, the 'Fennel Seed' paint boosted Collette Gray's living room from attractive to stunning. The previously white walls had done nothing to accentuate the room's woodwork. Photo by Marv Bondarowicz

Patrick McGill can be reached at 503.267.8219 (mobile) - 503.697.3553 (land) or by

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