Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Double Helping of Bridget A. Otto (1)

A friend of ours, member of NWSID, and interior designer, Deb Seeley, is featured by Bridget Otto in this feature about the Rowzee's need for space in a cramped NE Portland bungalow.
The single-story house with finished basement had been recently renovated, but the Southern transplants felt squeezed in the home's 840 square feet of main-floor living space.

The basement was the only place for their large-screen TV, cozy chairs and dining table -- an annoying situation at best.

Somehow, the couple found Deb Seeley of Deb Seeley Designs. She started with a questionnaire that outlined the couples goals and lifestyle. From that starting point, Seeley came up with a plan for a master bed room, a bigger shower, storage space, a dining room on the main floor and colors for the rooms.

It takes a special kind of talent to elicit these kind of comments from Robert and Elaine Rowzee

Elaine was blown away by the built-ins. "It was just phenomenal... It was way beyond what I ever expected."

Robert says their new retreat is exactly what he wanted but couldn't quite verbalize -- or visualize.

"For me, I really didn't have a vision of what I wanted. There was a feeling and it was hard to express that. This is it. . . . I wanted somewhere that would feel like a retreat. Somewhere sort of cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. . . . I come down here and feel like, ahhh . .
Click here and here for pdfs of the pictures Marv Bondarowicz took.

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