Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jamie Oliver: COOK with Jamie

Color me perplexed! I'm browzing through the latest House Beautiful, and there on page 56 in the December issue, is Jamie Oliver, once known as the naked chef. He has a new book out, COOK with Jamie, and on the cover of the book (and this is what caught my eye in the magazine) is a picture of Jamie with a butcher knife stuck, point first, in the butcher block counter!

One day I was cooking in the kitchen and Mike asked if he could help. I said sure and gave him a knife and he started to chop carrots. When he was done, as a goof, he stuck the point in the butcher block island he was cutting on. He pulled it out and then re-stuck it.

I said that was no way to treat a good knife and pulled it out, only I did not pull it straight out, but off to the side and broke the tip off; about a 1/16 of an inch.

I immediately saw red and blamed Michael. He admitted he shouldn't have stuck it, but said it was my fault. I didn't pull it out correctly. He said he would buy me a new knife for Christmas.

But now, we have Jamie showing off in the magazine and on the cover of his new book. Is it just the little boy that comes out when men get around knives?

I'm reading great reviews of the book. I have to have it. Penelope Green in House Beautiful says It is a happy, happy thing, a cookbook to be savored and read, generous in tone and spirit, like cookbooks published by two other terrific English sensualists, Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater. Oliver promises it is "my guide to making you a better cook."

What's Michael to think when he sees the cover? Maybe, I can find one of those covers we used for books in college. Or maybe, I should show the cover to Michael, and have a good laugh!

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