Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nika Stewart Advice For The Holidays

Nika Stewart, the designer success coach, asks a good question in an email today!

How can you enjoy the holidays when you have so much to get done for other people? And how can you possibly be expected to also promote your business during this busy time?

Most of us don't. When we are busy with a lot of design projects, we don't have the time to do our regular business promotions. Some designers think: "I would like to do some promotions, but I simply can't find the time now."

Stewart says you must find the time and suggests some ways to see to your marketing efforts:
Set it and forget it - if you advertise in newspapers or magazines, use long term contracts, so your advertising doesn't lapse. She contends that ads build a foundation. If you stop because you are busy and then restart, you have to build the foundation from scratch.

Email newsletters - If you send out newsletters, don't neglect this month. To save time, you can recycle an old article (like I just did!). You don't need to write anything new. The most important thing is to get the newsletter out!

Just make a phone call - a wish for happy holidays to your best customers is quick and promotes good feelings. And what a great time of year to do that (bonuses are received now, and homeowners are fantasizing about what to spend theirs on)!
Bev & Mike wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving
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