Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging In The Recovering Market

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm surfing the "Other Resources and Blogroll" and I'm discovering that while many of you have blogs, there's a significant percentage that are not actively posting. You did a great thing for your marketing effort by starting a blog. Don't let down now that business seems to be picking up.

I was listening to Kyle Bass, investment manager for Hayman Capital, yesterday. He believes the housing market has bottomed. It may not roar like it did four years ago, but at least it's stopped going down. In many cities, prices of homes are going up, and in Portland there's a shortage of rental units.

Many of you can imitate Jason Ball of Jason Ball Interiors. He is always finding something to write about and his before and afters are stunning.

So, next time I run through our blogroll, let me see that you've posted something about your business. Surely, you have information acquired from all your experience to share. BTW, one other way to get traffic to your website, is to link to Landfair on Furniture. We get over 18,000 visits per month to our blog.

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