Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Trends: Beautifully Distressed Furniture

There's no question that distressed wood furniture has found the way into the hearts of interior design enthusiasts.  This laid-back, unfinished look of purposeful imperfection lends a rustic charm to wooden furniture.  This instantly gives a refreshingly relaxed and comforting ambiance to any room in the house.

This well sought-after design element on high end furniture conveys a subtle elegance that evokes a quiet admiration.  Many prefer the appearance of distressed finishes for its unique style and more casual character.  Purposeful indentations, rubbed-off paint, and softly weathered finishes are just a few distress elements to create that well-worn, loved and antiqued appearance.

The Hatfield Living Room set pictured here bears a softly distressed Alabaster finish with delicate wood carvings throughout.  The light wood finish adds a serene atmosphere to this set, while soft shades of taupe and cream on accent pillows and cushioning add a touch of cozy charm.

These simple yet refined details combine to generate an aesthetic that will have you feeling like you've just wandered into a charming cottage in the English countryside.

There are many styles to choose from within distressed-style furniture that it may be a challenge to choose which piece to go with.  From modern to traditional, look to renowned quality in brands such as Marge Carson and Restoration Hardware.  Whatever style you go with, distressed finishes provide a quiet charm that will create an air of imperfect beauty.


Julana said...

I love the look of distressed wood, it has such character.

Bev Landfair said...

Julana, thank you for your comment. This is the first time we've had a post about distressing. Glad you found it useful.