Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three 2013 Design Trends

Colors such as Tangerine and Purple and design aspects such as using natural items and and adding more lighting were key last year as was spending more time in outdoor spaces. Design trends have drastically changed since the end of 2012 and it is only April! New colors are now popular as are other design trends that haven't been seen in a while.

1. Emerald
According to Pantone this year's color is emerald. Its not only extremely bright and a color to liven up the home but it is also a color of beauty.


2. Texture
Texture is big this year as people move from seeing furniture pieces as simply furniture and look to more comfortable furniture that they can feel and touch. Texture adds warmth and is a way to engage with the home. Wood and suede should be popular.


3. More Manly Decor
Gone are the days when women were in charge of every aspect of designing and accessorizing the home. What man wants to live in a home that has no evidence of his existence. This is the year when the men get up and play a bigger role in the home. By either having a more masculine bedroom or a man cave the men in your lives can now express themselves more through design.


There are also many more design trends that are sure to be big the rest of the year but these three are the most popular as of right now.

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