Monday, April 22, 2013

Top Remodeling Trends

The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan tells us that:
“TV interior design shows are mostly about buying and remodeling a home, versus building from scratch or finding a new property that precisely fits a wish list with plenty of personal requirements,” says Dani Kohl, program coordinator for the bachelor of science in interior design program at The Art Institute of Indianapolis and a practicing architect and interior designer.
What are the top trends in remodeling? Kohl says,
  1. Uniting the kitchen and living space for an open-floor concept
  2. Culture dictating an increase square footage for entertainment, haven from a busy work schedule or modern luxuries
  3. Finding multi-functional uses for both spaces and furniture
In other words it's open plan, master bedrooms that may be havens from the world, and closets that function also as dressing area.

For our house our priorities are installing a drainage system around house in order to enjoy a dry basement, remodel main floor bathroom (tub or no tub), replace ground floor deck with cement tiles, and install irrigation system. Kitchens and bathroom redo are always at the top of the list, so we fit with the trend.

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