Monday, April 08, 2013

Bernhardt Interiors - Gorgeous Chaises and Settees

While perusing interior designer Faith Sheridan's blog, I came across her post "Sit Back & Relax – Gorgeous Chaises and Settees." Sheridan writes
Is there anything more elegant than the chaise longue? Even the name evokes images of ancient Egyptian pharoahs being fanned and fed grapes! As a matter of fact, it is believed that the chaise longue (or long chair) originated in ancient Egypt as a combination daybed and chair.
Her post led me to look at our offerings from Bernhardt Interiors. The reason we are showing these items is that they relate to the items of Faith Sheridan's examples.

Marcourt Banquette:

Holden Banquette

Holden Armless Loveseat 

Gramercy Left (and Right) Arm Chaise:

Kelsey Sectional:

This style has been a popular because it has been so easy to use in a variety of interior styles.  This four-piece sectional which can be purchased in its entirety or by the component. The chaise can be left or right handed. Please contact me for help with your project.

Bernhardt Interiors Chairs:
Axel Chair  



 Markham Chair  

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