Thursday, April 01, 2010

Internet Sales Set to Grow

Internet sales have been flat for the last couple of years and that's not bad because retail sales for most of us have been down substantially. Now, a just released new study from the US Census Bureau’s is estimating online sales to grow this year by 12.7%! Yowsers, that's good news. We all hope that brick and mortar stores do half as well. Here's the estimate for the years 2010 through 2014:

If you are a retailer you may be interested to know that online buyers have been trained well the last few years.
“During the recession, online consumers honed their Web research skills, searching for coupons, comparing prices and finding just the right product to fill a particular need. It appears these lessons are staying with them even as their personal finances begin to improve.”
That means that your clients and potential customers are more educated and street smart. Not only are they doing research on the web, but they are posting reviews of you and your shop. That also means that you need to be found online and you need to share what you know to achieve credibility in their eyes.

Here's how it worked for us. Just the other day a couple from Chile visited our store and when asked how they found us said, "Online!"

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