Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once Again It's Bridget Otto Thursday

Thursday, Bridget A Otto wrote about two designers and how they added color to the homes of their clients.

JJ De Sousa, owner of Digs Inside & Out was called in to do a consult for Sharon and George Alexander. In their home painted in neutral colors, "George grumbled over a living room he never used and Sharon simmered about how the house felt, well, not fun." De Souza picked up on the colors in the couple's art collection and used those colors in the draperies and furniture. After De Souza's work, "George says his home feels more contemporary and reflects the love of life he and Sharon share and their personalities."

Bridget Otto writes that Lori Land lived on a houseboat that was so drab, it "faded into the woodwork." She wanted to bring in more color, but was fearful of the leap. She'd scribbled down the phone number of an interior designer, Allison Smith who owns Allison Smith Design but had never called. By coincidence she came across Smith again and decided to meet.

"...over the next few months ... Smith helped Land turn her houseboat into a vibrant home that has Land's friends saying, "Oh, Lori. This is so you."

We love stories about designers, how they work and how they can change a house into a home. Otto comes up with some great examples of interior designers and the design process.

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